The CardioFit Therapy

Activates a Specific Part of the Body's Nervous System to Reduce Stress on the Heart

The brain helps to control the function of the heart through two branches. The sympathetic branch activates the “fight or flight” response during stress, increasing heart rate and blood pressure. The parasympathetic branch has a calming effect on the heart through signals carried by the vagus nerve. Normally, the two branches are in “balance”.

In heart failure, however, there is an imbalance.

The sympathetic branch is in overdrive while the parasympathetic branch is underactive. Some heart failure medications help to “slow down” the sympathetic branch, but currently there are no proven treatments that help the underactive parasympathetic branch.

The CardioFit® system from BioControl Medical is the first device designed to increase the effect of the parasympathetic branch.The goal is to bring better balance to the heart so that heart failure symptoms are alleviated and heart failure deterioration is reversed.

Like driving a car, easing up on the accelerator (sympathetic) will slow down the car, but stepping on the brake (parasympathetic) will reduce the speed more quickly and with better control.

Interview with Anita Levy, participant in INOVATE-HF
An interview with an INOVATE-HF patient, published on June 2, 2013 on Israeli news website YNET.
Note that the cardiofit is investigational in the U.S., and this video is not intended for U.S. audience.
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