CardioFit System

Vagus nerve stimulation has been proposed as a therapy to address parasympathetic withdrawal in chronic heart failure. The CardioFit system from BioControl Medical is designed to deliver low current electrical pulses to preferentially activate the efferent fibers of the vagus nerve (1).

The CardioFit® System Has 3 Components

  1. The stimulation lead has a selective nerve cuff electrode that is fitted around the right vagus nerve. 
  2. A standard bipolar right ventricular sensing lead is intended to improve patient safety.
  3. Both leads are connected to the CardioFit stimulator. 



1. Schwartz PJ, De Ferrari GM, Sanzo A, et al.Long term vagal stimulation in patients with advanced heart failure: first experience in man. Eur J Heart Fail. 2008;10(9):884-91

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